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Obituary for Betty Mary Sellars

Sellars, Betty Mary

Betty Mary Sellars was born in Portsmouth, England on March 21st, 1930.
While there she attended the Portsmouth College of Art, where she studied fine art and painting techniques.
In 1956 she immigrated with her family to Canada, where she remained for the rest of her life.
In 1990 she parted ways with her husband and moved to the country. In Maynooth she re-discovered her love of painting and sought to capture the raw beauty of the Canadian landscape in oil paint on canvas. Her collection of paintings is breathtaking.
Later she met her soulmate, Myles Hannah, with whom she shared many years of joy and tenderness.
She passed away peacefully on June 28th, 2020.
She will be remembered as an intense personality who loved her children, her partner and Canada, now her country, with unrelenting passion.
Betty leaves three children: John, Caroline and Nicholas; six grandchildren: Adam, Ben, Simon, Christopher, Dylan and Alexander; and six great grandchildren: Nikki, Phoebe, Edith, Athan, Ellis and Emory.
Memories live forever,
They grow richer through the years,
They are nurtured by our laughter,
They are watered by our tears,
Memories live forever,
Sent from heaven up above,
To eternally connect us,
To the people we love.